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OOC: For anyone who doesn’t know who Sarah Jane Smith is YOU SHOULD!

Sarah Jane Smith was an amazing companion! She had adventures with the 3,4,and 10th Doctor and had a spin off series of Doctor who where she met the 11th Doctor as well. Sarah Jane is and always will be K9’s favorite mistress. They kept each other company along with her son Luke in the spin off The Sarah Jane Adventures while the Doctor was busy going threw all time and space. Sarah Jane was an investigative journalist and an amazing one at that. She was amazing and lovely but sadly Elisabeth Sladen died April 19th 2011 at the age of 63 and I know I late on say RIP, but I had to say this because many people didn’t know who she was. Which should be a crime because Elisabeth Sladen will never get to even see the 12th Doctor and she is a big part of Doctor Who history and I think anyone who watches Doctor Who should know who Sarah Jane Smith/Elisabeth Sladen was. 


I could have just reblogged someone else saying oh RIP Elisabeth Sladen but this came from the heart. I’m going to leave with K9. Fair well my mistress I will miss you greatly.  

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